30 May 2011

Put It In Your Mouth

Styling: Annette Lamothe Ramos.
Photographer: Ben Ritter.

27 May 2011

Grunge & Glory

Film by Jason Last.
Models: Mikhael Ayoub, Christoph Ribbe, Mikey Wydra. 

Every Man for Himself!

   Photos by Inês M.

25 May 2011

Face to Panty Ratio

Faces and Underwear.
Images by Richard Kern.

24 May 2011


Styling: Chia Wei Choong.
Photographer: Stefan Khoo.
Model: Leopold Pesch.

Noi Per Voi

20 May 2011

Pulp Fashion

A Pulp Fashion já abriu inscrições para mais uma edição dos cursos de Styling e Produção de Moda, Consultoria de Imagem e Coolhunting. Inscrevam-se já!

18 May 2011

Long Live McQueen

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition at the MET.

   Photos by M.M.

So Fresh

Styling: Lale Aktay.
Photographer: Emilio Tini.
Models: Leebo Freeman, Alexander Beck.

11 May 2011


Styling: Li Qi.
Photographer: Clèment Buyi Z.
Model: Liu Chang.

09 May 2011

Mr. Personality

Photographer: William Lords.
Model: Eric Puzio.

05 May 2011

Bright Futures

Styling: Christopher Campbell.
Photographer: Jason Kim.
Model: Linus Gustin.

03 May 2011

Young Boy

     Photo by Paula Veiga

Pattern Multitude

Styling: Ana Murillas.
Photographer: Bruna Kazinoti.
Model: Malthe Lund Madsen.